Welcome to Rapid Rehab, dedicated in providing specialist respiratory physiotherapist service for adults and children for any Conditions affecting their respiratory system.

Our experience team of respiratory physiotherapist based in Berkshire providing evidence based clinical intervention for patient of any age and severity of respiratory problems. This is a distinctive area of physiotherapy management which needs special education and experience to deliver and gain maximum benefit for the patients with respiratory conditions.

Our staffs are highly experienced in dealing with any respiratory conditions which includes asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, bronchiectasis, fibrosis, etc which may affect their breathing, mobility, strength, mood and lastly all activity of their daily leaving.

Some of the patients also have other medical conditions like neurological, cardiac, diabetes, cognitive etc. our experienced staff do consider all the medical conditions of the patient during their consultation and provide a holistic and evidence based approach to theirĀ  rehabilitation.

Rapid Rehab provides specialist research based physiotherapy assessment and holistic rehabilitation in your home, care home and also as outpatient. Completing your assessment we work together with you and your family to set the goal and then plan the rehabilitation to achieve it for your recovery. The rehabilitation program is holistic, care centered, goal orientated, tailored and also based on your likes. During planning of your rehabilitation we do consider different factors like levels of endurance, fit to work, return to work, transfer from bed chair and back, indoor and outdoor walk, walking aid, ambulatory oxygen, and individual independence etc.

We are experience physiotherapist providing the specialist service for last 20 years to the community. We love to hear from you to know your needs to provide you with as much as information possible. So feel free to contact us and we will be very happy to guide you.