Overseas Health Care Recruitment

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RapidRehab UK is pleased to make this proposal to you and offer you the opportunity to the benefit of qualified overseas health care staff. As you are aware that there is currently 37,000 HCA shortage in the care sector and over 30,000 nurses. We will be proving you with the opportunity of permanent staff from overseas with little or no initial cost.  Sound good to be true? Yes, we have sourced a better and effective way of doing this. and we can promise to provide you with all your staffing requirement that will enable continuity of care for your residents/patients.

Equally, we understand how difficult it can be for our overseas candidates beginning a career in UK, that requires relocation another country. As a result, our team has initiated a recruiting campaign to assist health care in relocating to the United Kingdom.  

Our Functionality

This service will offer to bring care assistance and nurses from overseas. In addition, we provide them support to complete their objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE). And to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

We are one of only a few Trusts in the UK that offers such a skills development curriculum in a dedicated nurse training skills Centre. This gives our overseas recruits a level of comfort as they prepare for their working strategy, which comes at a time when they are adjusting to not only a new healthcare system but also a new country.

Benefits for Employers

  • Reducing agency staff and saving company payroll.
  • Experienced staff for quality care.
  • 1-month complimentary accommodation and transportation.
  • Assist with scheduling interviews.
  • All candidates will have qualified with English level B1 & above.
  • All the Candidates are qualified nurses with a minimum of 2yrs exp.
  •  We pay for the induction.  (* 2days induction)
  • All mandatory training will be provided including medical awareness & safeguarding.
  • We provide 6months accommodation and transportation for up to 6months if a single location needs more than 5 candidates.
  • Visa and solicitors’ fees will be incurred by agencies within the UK.
  • Assist with scheduling interviews.
  • Assistance for applying for sponsorship license.