Respiratory Physiotherapy is the name given to the therapy modality to improve; respiratory efficacy, lung expansion, strength of the respiratory muscle and airway clearance. This will make patient to breath comfortably and maintain required oxygen level in the body.

The therapy covers all conditions which directly or indirectly effects the Physiology and Anatomy of the respiratory System

Tracheostomy management:  This involves to maintain the patency of airway. In addition to that ventilation with a ventilatory like NIPPY 3, Trilogy etc.   and also airway clearance using trachy suctioning.

Noninvasive ventilation: Supporting ventilation to maintain normal breathing and oxygenation in the body.

Airway clearance: By suctioning through trachy, NP suctioning,  Yankaure suctioning, EZAP breathing, ACBT with huffing.

Strengthening: Incentive spirometry to improve respiratory muscle strength, Endurance training for upper limb to improve strength and oxygenation of the body.

Inhaler technique: To provide education of the prescribed inhaler and to carry out the correct inhaler technique to improve the efficacy for the medication intake.

Oxygen therapy: For some patient additional oxygen for their daily needs. This is provided as Longterm oxygen therapy (LTOT), ambulatory oxygen therapy and short burst oxygen therapy. Patient given education on oxygen and how to improve the body oxygenation with exercise.

Stop smoking: Patient given education on smoking and assist with stop smoking.

Chest Infection: Respiratory patient more prone for chest infection, they need education how to avoid.